Update :))

Trying to get some new pics up, should be coming pretty soon. Really trying to connect with nature, and release my inner avatar. Thanks for the support ❤

Frm ur lil squirt


Pretty dope camera


This tiny camera is new to the digital world! With the ability to take 360 degree paneramas, this portable camera is intriguing to many photographers. In some cases, its good to use smaller cameras, because it allows for easy transportation and stealthy shots. Not only a camera, but also able to film videos, the Centr Camera puts 360 degree paneramic perspective in a small package. Honestly, its a pretty dope camera and I think a good investment too.


Taking it to a Personal Level

Im no fool, Im not a follower. Life can be cruel, if your a dreamer. I just want to have some fun, don’t tell me what could be done.

This perfectly describes me, and once you understand my way of living, you will also understand the meaning of my photos. My spirit guides me, brings me to unique places and the rest is pure magic. Tbh, this is a pretty chill blog and its purpose is to make peepz smile, laugh, cry or whatever. If you want to hate this blog, Im fine with that, because I know yo just peanut butter and jealous. If you like it please comment something nice <3! Anyways… Im here to show you what life’s like out there (out of your home), and I’m reporting back that it is very diverse. There are so many people, places, and things to photograph, and one can only live to capture these moments. I use my lens to tell a story, that I hope will connect with you guys on a personal level. So, for your own sake, check out my pics.



Hello everyone! I am new to the blogosphere and plan on updating on the daily. My goal is to share my photos and experiences with you wonderful souls. Hopefully, you to will enjoy my #yolo style of living, and spread the news around the world!